At OFS ’24 – The international conference on Optical Fibers held in Brazil,  FAZ Technology and FBGS demonstrated sensors with an enhanced capability to separate strain and temperature measurements. Fibre Bragg Gratings (FBGs) are used in various industries and interest in the technology is still growing. However, the cross sensitivity between strain and temperature can, in certain applications require the need for a temperature compensation FBG to be associated with the strain FBG. An alternative approach is to use FBGs written in birefringent or Polarization Maintaining (PM) fibre. These PM-FBGs (or Bi-FBGs) have a double Bragg peak that allows the simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature but this is often at the expense of the measurement accuracy. At OFS 24 FBGS and FAZ Technology demonstrated enhanced capability of an order of magnitude improvement over existing solutions when using these sensors. The full paper published at OFS ’24 is available here and a video of the demonstration is published here.