October 30, 2015, FBGS announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with FAZ Technology, Ltd., a subsidiary of Fugro NV, the premium manufacturer of ultra-high resolution measurement devices for Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors.  Within the partnership, FBGS has the exclusive rights to commercialize the FAZT interrogator platform to the medical market worldwide.

The FAZT Interrogators can be considered as a revolutionary new breed of interrogators for FBG sensors.  Developed for a leading end-user of optical sensors, it is the first sensor interrogator based on a proven telecom tunable laser platform, which delivers unprecedented precision and accuracy.  The integrated electronics and embedded software allow the user to quickly adapt the performance parameters to fit many different sensor configurations.  High-speed data acquisition and an on-board data processing enable straightforward real-time measurements with an extremely high wavelength precision (down to 0.1pm @1kHz).

The partnership will reinforce FBGS’ foothold in the medical market.  Eric Lindner, CEO of FBGS states “Aligning with FAZ Technology gives our customers a unique access to a cutting edge technology that perfectly complements our existing interrogator portfolio and opens new opportunities in the medical market for the current and next generation of FBG sensors.”

The access to this high-end interrogator platform will allow FBGS to launch next-generation turn-key fiber optic sensing solutions based on FBGS’ new fiber developments for “strain-independent temperature monitoring”, “high-resolution localized shape sensing”, and “3D force sensing”.

The partnership is also strongly supported by FAZ Technology.  “We are excited to develop the medical market through FBGS. Due to their unique product portfolio and strong market knowledge, FBGS is in excellent position to develop this market for us. The combination of both of our complimentary products will also bring new sensing capabilities forward to the medical industry and beyond.” says Johannes Singer, CEO of FAZ Technology.


For more information, please contact FBGS at info@fbgs.com  or FAZ at info@faztechnology.com


About FBGS

FBGS (www.fbgs.com) is a Belgium/Germany-based developer and manufacturer of high strength Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) using draw- tower technology.  These ‘Draw-Tower Gratings’ – DTG® – are commercialized by FBGS as an OEM component into the fiber optic sensing industry and are applied worldwide for both standard and tailored sensing applications in industries such as medical, oil & gas, composite, transport, processing, civil & geo, telecom, and the general R&D arena.


About FAZ Technology

FAZ Technology (www.faztechnology.com), a subsidiary of Fugro NV, is a developer of high-end optical sensing systems and solutions for a wide range of applications. The core FAZ platform technology is based on tunable laser-based fiber optic interrogation platform for high-resolution and high-speed recording of optical spectra, primarily targeting fiber optic sensors. Additionally, FAZ Technology has a portfolio of proprietary Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)-based sensors for pressure, vibration, sound and tilt detection that provide cutting-edge performance in precision, accuracy and reliability. The FAZ Technology fiber optic-based sensing solutions are especially suitable for oil & energy applications, machine & (marine) vessel monitoring, geotechnical and geoscientific surveys, structural health measurements and industrial process & equipment monitoring.