FAZ Technology is the Fugro Global Centre of Excellence for optical R&D, with primary offices in Dublin, Ireland and The Hague, The Netherlands. We specialize in optical based sensing solutions for structural health monitoring of onshore and offshore infrastructure (roads, tunnels, bridges, wind turbines foundations, offshore platforms). Our team have developed an extensive range of optical monitoring and diagnostic platforms and software for the control and management of these complex industrial assets. Our platform is based on a new generation of laser and optical technologies for sensing and measurement.

FAZ Technologies products are robust, reliable and high precision optical sensing and measurement platforms, capable of performing in the world’s harshest environments for years of operational lifecycle. The precision of our optical sensing technology enables measurements with dynamic range up to 120dB for seismic applications, 40dB better than competing optical solutions.

FAZ Technology’s products are based on a decade of research and development resulting in the FAZT Platform family of laser interrogators, custom sensors, and software applications.  The underlying optical technology has been verified and certified by many of the world’s leading companies from industries such as:  Oil & Gas, Marine, Transportation and Structural Health Monitoring.

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