FAZT I4-16 / I4-16W Interrogators

FAZ offers two variations of our 16 channel instrument.

The FAZT I4-16W optical sensing instrument combines the core technology of the company’s lower-cost workhorse model FAZT I4W interrogator together with four 1×4 high-reliability, high-speed, premium performance solid-state optical switches to create a 16 Channels workhorse interrogator. Enclosed in a field deployable stainless-steel casing, the instrument provides peak detection for up to 30 Fiber Bragg Gratings  (FBG) based sensors on each of its 16 channels. The instrument can be operated in full spectrum and sensor peak detection modes and is optimized for both static and dynamic measurements.

The FAZT I4-16 is a full featured instrument based on the I4G 4 channel interrogator. It supports all the I4G features and can operate in 4 channel or 16 channel modes.