FAZT I4W Interrogator

The FAZT I4W optical sensing instrument features four (4) monitoring channels and maintains many of the excellent features of the FAZT-I4G combined with competitive pricing. Enclosed in a field deployable stainless-steel casing, the instrument provides peak detection for up to 30 Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) based sensors on each of its 4 channels. The instrument can be operated in full  spectrum and sensor peak  detection modes. The FAZT I4W is optimized for both static and dynamic measurements.

Product Description
  • Supports operation at 1Khz at an accuracy of 3pm
  • Linux computer module (low power consumption combined with high processing ability)
  • Ability to interconnect/ multiplex a large number of interrogators for an ultra-high sensor count arrays
  • Addition of fine time synchronization and a dynamic sensor monitoring functionality
  • Low Power Consumption ~ 25 Watts
  • Wavelength range:  1530 – 1565 nm (35nm)
  • Sweep rate:  1KHz
  • Simultaneous interrogated ports:   4
  • Number of FBG’s per Channel:  up to 30
  • Absolute wavelength Accuracy:  ± 3.0pm
  • Wavelength repeatability:  0.5pm @ 1KHz
  • Structure and machine monitoring
  • Harsh environment pressure & temperature monitoring
  • Vibration, acoustic and seismic monitoring
  • Integrated (marine) vessel monitoring