FAZT Femtosense

The FAZT Femtosense configuration software is used for sensor (FBG & Measurement) setup. The configuration is stored on the FAZT I4 and they automatically use that configuration on power up.  Femtosense is also used for sensor design and data analysis during sensor development.


FAZT Applications

In addition to the FAZT Femtosense configuration software we have an extensive set of applications software. FAZ offers services to customized the software to meet the exact needs of the projects.

  • FAZTVu, FAZTInsight : Cloud computing based sensor display, storage, alarm and data analysis solution
  • FAZT Tm : Software solution for pressure monitoring on board Marine Oil Tanker
  • FAZT Datalogger : Data logging software for Seismic Sensors and Long term remote monitoring applications
  • Fugro NorthStar™ : NorthStar is an integrated marine management and advisory solution created by Fugro to monitor multiple data systems and improve the performance, efficiency and safety of production assets. FAZ used this software for Marine Engine Monitoring (link)
  • Fugro GeoRiskPortal® : The FAZ I4 integrator interfaces to the GeoRiskPortal system which provides real-time insight into the construction process, based on measurement data and analysis. Project risks can be identified in good time with the aid of smart sensors and powerful data visualizations.