FAZT Femtosense

The FAZT Femtosense configuration software is used for sensor (FBG & Measurement) setup. The configuration is stored on the FAZT I4 and they automatically use that configuration on power up.  Femtosense is also used for sensor design and data analysis during sensor development.


FAZT Applications

In addition to the FAZT Femtosense configuration software we also offer the FAZT Gateway applications software.

The FAZT FEMTOSENSE GATEWAY supervisory software is used for monitoring the performance of one or many interrogators, for recording their sensors’ data, and for storing and/or further distributing the data, as required by the application.

Designed with larger scale systems in mind, the FEMTOSENSE GATEWAY supports monitoring of up to eight (8) interrogators simultaneously. The software interfaces seamlessly to any interrogator model in the FAZT product family, including the “Workhorse” and OEM models.

The FEMTOSENSE GATEWAY software is an optional package available for optical sensing system architects and is particularly well fit for larger scale systems that require data collection and recording for hundreds (100’s) of sensors at scan rates of up to 8kHz. The FEMTOSENSE GATEWAY can connect to multiple interrogators in synchronous and asynchronous mode.

FAZ also offers services to customized the software to meet the exact needs of the projects.